St Vincent and Bill Murray Sharpie Portraits.

012918 St Vincent


My friend is a fan of her music so I made this as a gift for him. Numbered prints are available if anyone is interested. St Vincent. #StVincent.

It’s my first portrait of the year done in @Sharpie on @StrathmoreArtist paper, which are my much beloved tools of getting work done. I’ve been sponsored by Strathmore paper before and I absolutely love their quality. They handle ink like nothing else, and they’re high quality bristol and other papers are excellent with what I want to do. I’ve got a roll of their best paper waiting for my best work, as I don’t want to just make just anything with it. Perhaps I should talk to them about a few pads of paper, as it’s hard to get the size I like–literally at only one store miles away. Perhaps they’ll be kind to me again.

In fact I made a rather huge Bill Murray on their paper. One second, let me get a picture of it and I’ll post it below.
012918 Bill Murray

This guy is about three foot squared and if my dog hadn’t jumped on it while I was colouring it I would be happy to sell it, but I doubt anyone wants a mildly vandalized piece. Though undamaged prints are available in their various sizes.  It was my first attempt at a large portrait and one of the first ones I did in this style.

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