Million Words: Comic

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So I’ve had to put the animation on hold since I can’t afford to pay voice actors or afford the software. I’ve still got to finish editing the books to release them but I’ve not been feeling it lately. Go go a month long avolition and a recent visit to the emergency mental ward for psychotic suicidal delusions from an attempt at lowering my meds.

So I started this autobiographical comic about my life. In my 29 years of life I’ve been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, adhd-1 Primary inattentive,  schizoaffective disorder Bi-Polar subtype, as well as high functioning autism and syneasthesia.

My goal with this comic is to show that the illnesses don’t start just when you have your first psychotic break or in your late twenties like most of these did for me when they were diagnosed, but that the pro modal symptoms occur earlier on in life, which I hope to shine a light on.

I’m hoping this comic, and the books I create while working on both, finally get me off of disability and into a successful career of sorts that I can do from the safety of my home, where I’m most often stuck lately due to illness. If I can make enough money I’ll be able to prototype my inventions to see what does and doesn’t work, and make an animated series based on the best written thing I’ve created.

So this will start off at the beginning of my life after a few more pages of explaining my current situation and then it’ll be back to memories of growing up.

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