Hello, and Welcome!

My name is Jordan. I’m an artist and a writer. I’ve painted for royalty and photographed for NASA. A couple of years ago I learned I had schizoaffective disorder along with my muscular dystrophy, and I’ve been on disability luckily for about a year or so.  None of that is really important, because this site is about something I’m looking forward to getting into.

I’ve wrote my first book last year. That image up above is a mock up of the cover for the proof copy I just got in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
I went through it and highlighted the mistakes I’ve left in there, and I’ve got to go through it and make those final changes and then it’s time to format and release the book in an ebook and printed format, and an audiobook if I can swing it.

My Overall Goal:
My goal is to write books and then animate them into series until I can make a living and get off disability once again. It better than waiting for my conditions to get the best of me and sulking about it.

The first book comes in at 172,000 words and change. It’s similar in style and tone to Brian Jacques Redwall series, as well as Beatrix Potter’s books, at least according to my friends and family who have read the copies I sent them.

On the animation front, I’ve turned the first 200 pages of the book into 300+ pages of script, with a little over 400 pages left to change over for the series, and I’ve drawn the first thousand thumbnail storyboards. They’re pretty rough, so I may have to redo them. Once the book and the novels relating to it are released I’ll be able to go back to the artistic side and get on with getting them made. I plan to animate them myself because it’s all I can afford to do and it’s a skill I’ve always wanted to get my head around.

Anyway. That’s where the first book is currently.

My Goal with Million Words:
I attempted and completed my first Nanowrimo last year. I hit the goal of 50,000 words in nine days of writing, and hit my own goal of 100,000 words in 20 days of writing, taking one day off during so I didn’t get overly exasperated. That was when this idea first occurred to me. What would happen if I want to write my first million words, and how long would it take me, if I kept up that same pace I had with nanowrimo? I always wrote 5,000-10,000 words per day, working for 2.5-5 hours in a day. It stands to reason that if I did that each day, excluding weekends unless I felt like it, I could get my first million words done in a year.

So far I’ve written a little over 270,000 words in my writing career but I want to start my counter at zero and see how long it will take to write my first million words.
So I would ask that you join me. This blog will document the journey as well as act as my author website and store, once I get those up and running.

So lets go over what I have gotten done so far.
My main series is called Animal Quest, and involves talking animals, magic, and a juvenile fire elemental as they go on their adventures across the lands.
I have the first book The Travelers as far along as a proof copy and in need on my last edit before I release it to the store and all that.
I wrote the second book, Chirbri’s Disappearance, in 14 days during Nanowritmo last year, coming in at 78,000 words, and it hasn’t been touched since I’ve been working on the first book.
I also wrote a more adult companion novella entitled Mouse Tavern, and it’s a murder thriller set in a whorehouse of a world of mice. It was what one of the characters of the Animal Quest books happened to be reading and worked out nicely to get me to my 100,000 word goal for the month.

So I’ve got to get those edited and suitable for release this year, as well as work on the writing to hit my million word goal and work on getting the first book in the Animal Quest series turned into a youtube series as I can.

It’s a lot, but this blog should keep me focused.

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